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Citrus Basil Diffuser

Citrus Basil Diffuser

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A refreshing and uplifting candle scent that combines the zesty notes of citrus and basil with the calming undertones of chamomile, the freshness of mint, and the unique aroma of tomato leaf. A perfect pick-me-up!

Top - citrus, basil
Middle - chamomile, orange peel, mint
Base - agave, tomato leaf
Treat our reed diffusers like a delicate floral arrangement - a subtle yet inviting scent that gently wafts through your space. Just like passing by a beautiful bouquet, you'll catch a whiff of our fragrances as you move around. To enhance the scent experience, remember to flip the reeds regularly for a continuous burst of fragrance. Enjoy the subtle elegance of our reed diffusers in your home.

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