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Head Of The Bay Diffuser

Head Of The Bay Diffuser

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A beachside sanctuary where tranquil tides wash over your senses - Head of the Bay is a marine-inspired fragrance, offering a blend of bergamot, sea salt, peony, mint, and juniper. Light musk adds a hint of intrigue to this fresh and invigorating fragrance.

Top - bergamot, sea salt
Middle - peony, mint
Base - juniper, light musk, marine
Treat our reed diffusers like a delicate floral arrangement - a subtle yet inviting scent that gently wafts through your space. Just like passing by a beautiful bouquet, you'll catch a whiff of our fragrances as you move around. To enhance the scent experience, remember to flip the reeds regularly for a continuous burst of fragrance. Enjoy the subtle elegance of our reed diffusers in your home.
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